UTF-8 Character Encoding - Improve Website Performance and Global Accessibility

Welcome to UTF-8.de, your go-to source for information on UTF-8 character encoding. Our website is dedicated to helping you improve your website's performance and global accessibility by transforming its character encoding to UTF-8.

In the early days of computing, software developers needed to build a separate version of their application for every language they wanted to support. But with UTF-8, a single-byte character encoding standard that uses 8-bit blocks to represent a character, you can support multiple languages with ease.

UTF-8 is not only capable of encoding all possible characters, but it is also the most widely used character encoder for text on website pages, accounting for 86.7% of all web pages. By using UTF-8, you can keep your underlying HTML markup in single-byte ASCII, saving data space and improving your website's performance.

With our online converter program, you can easily transform your website's character encoding to UTF-8. Join the global community of companies with truly global ambitions and reach your customers across the world with UTF-8 character encoding.